Our Clients


Our clients are very diverse.  Below are some of the reasons they choose to practice with us.

Our clients:

  • are seeking better work/life balance
  • are dealing with injuries and chronic conditions
  • are contending with mental health concerns, including stress, anxiety and addictions
  • are time-challenged, and rushing to a yoga studio just doesn’t work
  • enjoy yoga with their colleagues, co-workers, friends and loved ones
  • prefer smaller, more individualized classes
  • struggle to relax, unwind and get a good night’s sleep
  • practice yoga to complement other fitness activities
  • are over 50 – and determined to stay limber
  • are hesitant to walk into a studio wearing spandex
  • are seeking alternative ways to deal with the stresses of infertility
  • are committed cyclists and yoga helps with stretching and posture

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