My Eureka Moment with Yoga

I had had a rotten day, well, a rotten week — in the courthouse, where I used to work as a lawyer.  It was a Friday night.  Our kids were little.  I had picked them up from school and daycare, fought the rush hour traffic, fed them, bathed them, read to them and they were “away” for the evening.

I didn’t want to watch a movie with my husband.  I didn’t want more wine.  I didn’t want to talk about it.  I was completely exhausted, and all I wanted to do was sleep.  But sleeping has never been easy for me.  And adding to my stress and bad mood, was the anxiety that I would now toss and turn for most of the night.

I went down to our rec room in the basement, and swept aside the lego pieces.  I turned the lights down, lit a candle and did a few simple postures.   After about 20 minutes, I was pooped and done.  I went back upstairs and — too tired even to run a bath — I crawled into bed and was asleep in minutes.

I slept that night, and awoke in a completely different mood.  I was both shocked and grateful.   Although I had been going to occasional yoga classes here and there for years, that experience brought it home to me, “… there is something about yoga” and was the critical first step on my yoga journey.