Yoga for Cyclists classes and sessions are offered throughout the year for biking enthusiasts — whether you are a leisure rider, a commuter cyclist, a committed spinner or a competitive racer.

Sequences are designed to stretch the muscles of the lower body, strengthen the core and upper body, and assist with building and maintaining a healthy spine.  Classes are suitable for all ages and abilities — even beginners.

Yoga for Cyclists will improve your riding experience in the saddle and promote recovery after intense rides.  When you are off the bike, it will help restore balance and correct alignment to your body.

Private and group sessions can be arranged at a variety of locations and times.  We can even meet you and your group on location at the end of a ride, or schedule sessions at your home — driveways, backyards and condo gyms work well (weather and space permitting).  Small groups can be accommodated in our studios in Toronto’s west end.

As “yogis” who cycle ourselves, we look forward to sharing the many benefits of yoga with the cycling community.

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