Are you a business owner, supervisor, or a human resources professional?

If so, it’s your job to manage various staff issues:  productivity, absenteeism, employee engagement, team morale, and staff turnover.

Your employees have their own worries:  stressful commutes, work/life balance, managing their  health, child and elder care, and the challenging economic times.

These concerns are all very important… and very different.  But do you know there is one simple, proven program that can help alleviate them all?

Yoga.  More and more, this ancient practice is being recognized as a low cost, comprehensive health measure that can jump start or refresh any employee wellness program.

Unlike other exercise programs, yoga increases flexibility, strength, balance, breath capacity and mental concentration — while reducing stress and anxiety.  It can also enhance creativity and communication, and boost morale.

Of course your employees will benefit.  Your bottom line will too.