Why yoga is important for the workplace…

Many of us can’t help it – most of our waking hours are spent sitting – at work and commuting.  At the end of the day, we collapse in front of the tv, the computer, or with a good book – for a bit of well-deserved downtime.

But the research has been mounting for several years:  Sitting is the new smoking.

Excessive sitting increases the risks of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other conditions.  Our muscles switch to dormant, slowing the metabolic rate and reducing the body’s ability to break down fat and sugar.

Even those who hit the gym every day, or run marathons on weekends are not immune from these dangers.  Instead, the key is to take short breaks throughout the day, changing position and posture.  The real trick is making it a habit, and part of the workplace culture.

The win win?  Reducing uninterrupted sitting also improves emotional health and enhances focus and productivity.